Chintu is so much into counting these days. When there is a new counting activity he is super excited and happy, sometimes he even happens to ask me, “Amma Chintu wants new 123 activity.”

When he happen to ask me last Friday, I had to quickly set an activity for him. This was set in like just 10 minutes. All you need is :

  • surgical gloves
  • raw rice (any grains you can choose) / flour
  • number cards

Add in some raw rice into the gloves, tie the end. The gloves is ready for play. Place both the gloves on a tray along with the number cards. .

Now invite the child to recognise the number and use the fingers of the glove for counting.

This activity helps in number recognition, counting along with some sensory experience. Also some good work for the little finger muscles as the child tries to move the rice to fold/open the fingers.

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