We worked on different shades of brown today - it was impressive. Just take 3 bowls , add 1 spoon Read more
Chintu first drew a car , then explained his drawing to me. Then, I asked him to draw some lines Read more
Scratch Art is something that has been on my to-do list for a long time now. Chintu loved discovering the Read more
When we have absolutely no toys, I feel that I have started to think a little more differently - I’m Read more
This activity wasn’t about just drawing, it also helped in understanding “shadows”. A lovely activity to do during summer. While Read more
Anything in and around your house can be a toy to your child. You can do so much with zero Read more
Super super easy activity right. I'll share the description below for your reference. All you need is a piece of Read more
Place a tray or a basket on a table - either you collect or ask your child to collect different Read more
An activity that most of you must have already tried I suppose. It took just around 5 minutes to set Read more
Now that we did this today, it definitely gets the be a part of his playroom (decor). Hope this doesn’t Read more