Alphabet Sensory Bin

I’ve used some Ragi , a few selective letter ( some that Chintu already knows, some that he doesn’t), scoop and grab for fine motor skill development. Whenever you present a sensory bin try giving the child some fine motor tools – it goes perfectly well with sensory bin.

This activity helps in :

  • Alphabet recognition
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Sensory play (tactile learning)
  • encourages independent play
  • dry pouring – life skills
  • offers an opportunity for pretend play

You can replace alphabets with number, shapes, colours, CVC words anything depending on the child’s age and learning.

It lets the child explore, discover, learn, create rather than just working on alphabet recognition on a paper/flashcards. Always encourage learning through play – offer various types of play, make it interesting for the child. Play is all that the child needs.

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