This is one of our most favourite sensory play. The texture, the smell and the mess is fun to play – the cloud dough is absolute love. It is taste safe.

Recipe : 2.5 cups of flour, 1 full pack cocoa powder and some vegetable oil (keep adding the vegetable oil little by little until you get the consistency of cloud dough). I added cocoa powder to make it look like a Mud to dig into, it’s totally optional.

To the sensory bin I just popped in some flowers, Chintu choose to have his animal figurines. Gave him some cups and spoons just incase he wants to use them.

He did a lot of digging, scooping, he tried making a mould using the cup, he tried hiding the goat in the cup by covering it with the cloud dough, made balls , some pretend play (my baby made some hot cup of tea for me) – the play went on for more than an hour. That’s the thing I like about this cloud dough, every time he gets to play with it – the play happens to last minimum for an hour.

Kids generally like playing in mud, especially dig into it, not possible to let then go out all the time, so this is an option. You should try it to know why I say I love the texture. You can give anything to the kid to play along with the cloud dough – I’m sure they will surprise you by their imagination , by the way they get to use it.

One must try sensory play on my list

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