Coloured Rice for sensory play

Coloured rice offers hours of sensory play. Before I started blogging, I came across coloured rice so many times. And I have wondered ,”How is this even done?”, also thought, it was something that will take up all the time on earth. I dint even dare to look at how it is done.

You know how it is right, coloured rice images kept popping up almost everyday on Instagram. There I was, finally so tempted to try no matter what. And, I looked for the recipe to try them. To my suprised, the recipe was so simple, I went for it right away. It turned out way too gorgeous.

At home we love sensory play and messy play. This was when Chintu was around 17 months old. It was a huge hit. The joy of playing with it is unlimited. To be honest, I personally enjoyed playing with it my self, I loved the textured. It offers a variety of play options.

Recipe to make coloured rice

Some ways to use coloured rice for play :

  • scooping and pouring activities (transferring activities)
  • for small world play
  • learning measurements
  • sorting (at one point Chintu was into sorting the coloured rice, so patiently)
  • hide small things in and find them
  • for tracing activities
  • sensory bottle
  • pretend play

And so much more….

The Recipe to make coloured rice:

Things Required :

  • Raw rice (uncooked rice)
  • food colours (liquid)
  • vinegar
  • ziplock cover

How to make?

  • In a Ziplock cover add some rice based on your requirement.
  • Add a few drops say 2 to 3 drops of food colour (choice of colour is upto you)
  • Add a few drops of vinegar.
  • Close the ziplock cover and mix all the three ingredients really well.
  • You will notice the colour change but don’t use it immediately, keep it aside for a few hours 5 to 6 hours or overnight and it will be ready for play the next morning.
The Colours are absolutely beautiful and love playing with it too

Note: One good thing about coloured rice is that it lasts really long when maintained well. You can use it for almost a year.

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