Activity that dint turn out to be messy – when I set this activity I had a second thought if he would turn it out into a mess play.

And ofcourse he first asked me – “Amma, can I take the tray out to the balcony” , “Where is my bowl and spoon?”  – that was expected.

How I got him into doing the actual activity ? I promised to setup a messy play for him this week and he agreed.Once he started doing this activity he was glued to it, play lasted long and dint get messy.

Things used :

  • A tray
  • Cut paper to fit into the tray
  • Tea dust (you can use salt,sand, raw rice – its your choice)
  • A brush
  • dot stickers

What to do ?

  • Just write some letter/phonics and number (or shapes) on the paper and set it on the tray.
  • Cover the tray with tea dust, completely. On another small sheet write all the number/letters that is on the tray.
  • Let the child use a brush to identify what is in the tray, once identified, let the child use to dot sticker and stick on the identified number/letter which is kept outside the tray. Repeat until the Child identifies all that in the tray
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