Things required :

  • 10 good quality balloons of same colour
  • 5 different grains (rice, ragi, chana, rajama, dal – The grains I used)

How to make the sensory Balloons?

  • Add the grain into the Balloons, use the same grain into two balloons for pairing
  • After adding the grain blow the balloon very little and tie a knot. Do the same with every balloon.

How to play?

  • Ask the child to squeeze the balloon and feel the grain in it
  • Ask him to find the pair of that balloon- the balloon that feels the same will be it’s pair (same grain balloons will be paired).

Our Experience :

  • Initially Chintu found it very tricky, after a few attempts he refused to play. Then came back to it as he saw me playing with it. I had to sit along with him and slowly explain things step by step and there he went- got the game well there after
  • Some good focus is required to rightly find the pair.
  • He also started using them as rattles, tried pairing them based on the sound
  • This was a great sensory activity. For younger kids you can just make sensory Balloons and skip the pairing game.
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