HIDE AND SEEK : Alphabets in Bubble Water

Made bubbles using our bubble bath and put in some foam/bath letters, covered them with the bubbles.

I called out for an Alphabet (or sound of the letter-phonics) and asked Chintu to find them in the bubble tub. He played for more than an hour, not just finding alphabets , he was playing with the bubble water over and over again in so many different ways. Bubble water with our kids is always a hit right.

Good sensory experience– most of us let our kids enjoy hours of bubble bath, this is just a twisted fun with some learning (alphabets and practical life). You can play even during bath time, some of you must be already playing simple games during bath time.

Why we sit out in the sun ? There are some simple reasons : .  Vit D – here at my native the weather is good, meaning once I get back to Chennai I will not be able to let him sit out in the sun like this ( I can already feel the heat in Chennai ). He sits in the balcony in Chennai and plays but again not exposed to direct sunlight. As long as I’m here I want him to enjoy this weather.

Different sounds : When he sits outside he gets to listen to the • birds- we listen and see so many birds (crow, woodpecker, pigeon) • animals (cow, dog, goat and sometimes even bison) • Reptiles ( lizard, squirrel ) • vehicles (bus, car, bike, lorry, auto and the list goes on) – Helps him improve his listening skills.

Pollution free – he gets to breathe good air, along with the sun there is a mild breeze that comes in and he enjoys it. Since it’s pollution free I want him to enjoy the nature and play with a view-don’t want to lock him indoors.

Relatives, friends and outsiders keep crossing and he gets to call out to them, talk, wish them a happy day, share his play ( sometimes calls relatives to come watch him play) and many more

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