We did a few simple things for Chintu’s learning on Aquatic Environment. I’ll just share it in brief.

Ocean sensory bottle : This is the play that caught his interest, our sensory bottle is from @flintobox , it can be made at home. This bottle had fishes,sea horse, star fish,pebbles, boat, sea shells. He learnt the concept of float and sink. He further had questions on what the fishes eat, he even asked a question “does fish have a house like Chintu” , “Where is a bed for the fish to sleep?” – curiosity of this toddler began. So decided to learn a little more.

Marine Kingdom (Aquarium) : We visited an aquarium, he was super happy and he kept running around first, then slowly stopped by to observe what was happening. To see what he saw in pictures or objects in reality – star fish, crab  got him excited. Some of his questions were answered. Ended the day with watching a shark.

Window Art – Aqua world – we did some window art using Fleximos (sensory experience) , made some Aquatic creatures today ( fish, crab, seahorse) .

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