I’ve always wanted to try sensory bottle activity with Chintu, infact wanted to try this sensory bottle play since a very very long time, but was never able to – and I don’t know why.

Finally, when we did try making a sensory bottle, a very simple sensory bottle – and it was a BIG hit.

What we did ? I brought in all the ingredients and invited Chintu to make this sensory bottle for him to play. I guided him on how it has to be done.

What we used ? • Pom Poms • pipe cleaners • mustard seeds (you can use chia seeds, I dint have so just went with mustard seeds) • water.

How to make this sensory bottle ? First filled the bottle with water and then add in the rest one after the other.

He found so many ways to play, for example : Shake the bottle and find which Pom Pom reaches the top first, then take a guess on which Pom Pom will reach first.

This was really a calming activity. This was also very good for observation.

The best thing about sensory bottles is that it can able done according to our availability of things. There are so many ways/options to make a sensory bottle and no matter what you try its always a hit

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