Make some spaghetti and put it in a large container and ask your child to pick some spaghetti using the tong and put it into another container/bowl.

I bet they won’t be able to resist putting their hands on the spaghetti. This activity is great for sensory play and fine motor play. Definitely gets messy so except the unexpected fun- why I say this is because-when you give a child cooked spaghetti to play he finds a million ways to mess with it and you will be surprised.

I planned this simple small world along with the fine motor activity this morning for Chintu to have some fun, because he loves sensory/messy play-Chintu buried the monkey, played peek-a-boo with it, Poms Poms were monkey’s food, Poms Poms were flowers in his small world and so much more he came up with.

The best thing is that there was around 45 minutes of independent play.

Check this post (click on the link) for coloured noodles recipe :

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