A very simple set up, but has to be planned in advance- Why? Because you need to prepare the jelly, which has to be kept over night for it to set.

A simple activity setup with so many benefits :

  • Sensory play / messy play
  • Small world play
  • encourages pretend play (child’s imagination develops)
  • Practical life skill – scooping and pouring
  • opportunity to explore new materials
  • develops an understanding to the real world
  • vocabulary develops

How to prepare jelly? Things required : Gelatin, water and blue food colour. Procedure : mix gelatin and coloured water ( according to the recipe in gelatin pack). Refrigerate it over night and it’s set for play.

If you have known us for a while then you will be sure of our love for sensory and messy play at home. And this definitely is. Chintu told me “ Amma this jelly is nice, I want more.”

He tried filling the boat with the jelly and moving the boat around, but he wasn’t very successful. He did a lot of scooping and pouring, mixing and more.

The play lasted really long – 45 minutes straight. That is something special about sensory play – the play lasts really long – undivided attention from the child is always there.

A very simple small world play
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