2D Shapes Unit Study

shapes unit study

2D Shapes Unit Study : is one basic concept that is introduced to every child as a part of early education. When working on shapes it doesn’t end with recognition or number of sides, there is lot more that the child can work on.

We started off our unit study on the topic “Shapes”, because I wanted M1 to work on a familiar topic and understand that there is always a lot more to work on, learn and understand. In this blog post I will be sharing all the activities we did and the materials we used.

Focus of this Unit Study : Hands-on learning with engaging and fun activities to help the child get familiar with shape and MASTER the concept of 2D shapes as they work with them in multiple way. (Identify, construct, create, draw)


Shape Recognition and number of sides

We used a printable which had a number of shapes on it for shape recognition. Pointing out to each shape M1 named them. And then worked on the number of sides.

  1. using clothpins (printable part of “shapes freebie”)
  2. using counters (printable part of “shapes learning bundle”)

Shapes Task

This is an interesting activity – a task for every shape. Activity helps with understanding shapes, develops problem solving skills, enhances senses and develops motor skills. You can access the printable here.

Find Hexa cards here

Get Creative with shapes

An activity to encourage the child get creative. The activity is to create an image/picture from the shape outline. (a) Draw the outline of the shape and present it to the child. (b) let the child draw the outline of the shape and then proceed.

Shapes Tracing

We worked on different activities for shapes tracing. The activities look simple offers challenge to the child.

  • Playdough shapes tracing : The child will have to understand how much dough is needed to trace each shape/each side. Then, roll the dough out, and place it on the outline of the shapes.
  • Using washi tape : the child has to roll the tape out and trace along the outline of the shape.
  • Tracing dotted lines : this is a part of the printable from Planning Playtime.

Understanding the sides of the shapes

An activity where the child gets to measure the sides if the shapes, understand the difference (for example : square and rectangle), understanding that the sides (some are parallel, some are not and so on)

Shapes Puzzles

This one is super challenging. It is not as easy as it looks, and you can create different levels of challenges for the child.

  1. Using same colour
  2. Using different colour
  3. The number of pieces (in same and different colour)

Cutting out shapes

M1 loves working with scissors and I had to include this activity. The boy did something interesting after cutting out the shapes. He asked me “Amma, what are we going to do with the shapes that I cut”, I told him that he can decide and this is what he did – drew ghosts inside each shape and it when up on the wall.

Playdough Mats

Playdough has always been a favourite material for play, and now M1 has this urge to use playdough in everything we do. So we worked on this playdough mats. It is a delight to watch the little fingers work. Access the shapes playdough mat here.

Create a picture

(a) Using the shape pieces and referring to the image the child will have to create the picture. You can get the free printable here.

(c) using craft/coloured paper cut out different shapes, in more numbers, like 10 triangles, 7 square, 4 pentagon and so on. Present it to the child along with glue. The child is free to create anything using the shapes.

Block Painting

This wasn’t a planned activity. M1 just came up with it and said, “Amma we are working on shapes , this is also a shapes activity na”, here it is.


Some activities from our shapes learning bundle. The bundle has 7 set of activities. The activities in the bundle are:

  • Complete the shape
  • Colour by number and shape
  • Number of sides
  • Shape Sorting
  • Complete the pattern
  • Roll and Cover
  • Shapes Puzzle


The printables used in the below activities are purchased from PLANNING PLAYTIME.

Can you build the shape: this one is very interesting, based on the challenge card, use the required material the child has to build the shapes.

Shapes sorting : along with shape sorting we also did an invitation to write where the M1 gets to write or draw out different information about the shape and sort it into the cup. If working on shapes unit this activity is highly suggested.


Shape your story

This is one of our favourites. Comes with wipe clean erasable cards that has shapes on them, 2 number dices and 1 shape dice, 2 erasable markers and 1 sand timer. The game is to roll the dice, based on the reading pick cards, and then comes the interesting part. Using the cards pick, the child has to create an image on each of them and finally narrate a story connecting all the images drawn with the given time (use the sand timer)

Such a fun card game to play the family, enhances the creativity and imagination, promotes language skills / develops vocabulary, improves listening skills and social skills. Find the game here.


Working with shapes, then geoboard is something that definitely has to go on your shelf. Helps with the working of the basic shapes. Stretching the rubber bands helps in development of the hand/finger muscles, development of problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination. It is an open-ended toy as the child is not restricted to create only shape, they are free to create anything they wish to. Since we were working on shapes, we specially used it for the purpose.

Shapes Puzzle

You can access Shapes Puzzle here

Pattern Blocks Challenge Cards

The child gets to choose the challenge card, refer to it and build that image. Then record the number of times each shape is used for that picture. Pattern blocks is a versatile material, a number of fun activities can be created with it.

Another activity that can be done using these blocks : draw outline of the shape like triangle and hexagon. Let the child find out different ways to fill in the shape using the pattern blocks.

Shapes Stamp

I suppose the image is self explanatory. A simple product that encourages the child’s creativity. Product used : Shape Shifter Stamp

Triangle Puzzle

(a) A challenging puzzle I would say. The child has to fit in all the puzzle pieces inside the bigger triangle. You can click here to access the puzzle.

(b) Colour puzzle that has 36 triangle pieces and a reference card. To access click here.

Magnetic Shapes

Comes with magnetic shape pieces, a booklet with patterns, magnetic board. The child will have to refer to the pattern and replicate the same on the board using the magnetic pieces – Fun Magnetic Shapes

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