Our Homeschooling journey has begun and we have been focusing on one topic this week that is "Community Helpers". We Read more
Does your child like to crumple papers? Most kids love to make paper balls right, especially the pre-schoolers. Let’s quickly Read more
Newspaper art as a bookish play . We have been reading this book called "What are Germs? - Usborne" for Read more
What a fun way to start the day - drew some faces with any hair and invited Chintu to give Read more
Chintu’s idea when I gave him straws for a different activity- he said he wanted to make a boat, no Read more
We worked on different shades of brown today - it was impressive. Just take 3 bowls , add 1 spoon Read more
Chintu first drew a car , then explained his drawing to me. Then, I asked him to draw some lines Read more
Scratch Art is something that has been on my to-do list for a long time now. Chintu loved discovering the Read more
This activity wasn’t about just drawing, it also helped in understanding “shadows”. A lovely activity to do during summer. While Read more
Now that we did this today, it definitely gets the be a part of his playroom (decor). Hope this doesn’t Read more