Things used : Washi tapebubble wrap (small pieces)paint a pair of scissorpaper I drew an image of a car on Read more
Just a simple fun activity. Things that we used for this activity are : leaves A4 sheet Oil painting stick  Read more
Our Process art from today’s invitation to create, I set out some containers with some paints in it (different colours)and Read more
Yaaaayyyyy !!! The festival season is here. Everyone out there must be excited. Having kids around at home, how do Read more
Hope you remember seeing this art work we did when we were at our native, a few weeks back - Read more
Washi tape painting activity has been in my to-do list for a long time now. Today’s play idea was different, Read more
I drew some straight lines, caterpillar, curves, square, rainbow on a piece of paper. Used some colour, cotton balls and Read more
What I used ? cotton ballscotton padsblack chartgluesyringefood coloursmall bowls What I did? Stuck the cotton balls and cotton pad Read more
Some of you may not be interested or comfortable with messy play due to various reasons. Some of you have Read more
Very simple art - cut the egg carton in the shape of a Butterfly and I made some puffy paint Read more