Basics Concepts

Quick Play hack : Just Roll out a paper on the floor and tape it. Draw three squares/circles - BIG, Read more
Montessori Three-Part Card consists of a card with the picture and word label (control card), a card with just the picture, and Read more
Balance the Pom Poms : Using the craft sticks let the child create patterns, shapes anything the child feels like, Read more
While I was wondering what activities to set up in our shelf this week, popped in this idea - the Read more
Like I already said, you need not always spend on expensive toys and remember activities need not always be complicated. Read more
Helping kids understand simple concept through simple everyday play hacks. Activities need not be complicated, you don’t need to spend Read more
We did a few simple things for Chintu’s learning on Aquatic Environment. I’ll just share it in brief. Ocean sensory Read more
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Off late Chintu has been showing alot of interest in the changing weather, so I thought this will be a Read more
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