These 3 activity books covering different concepts is one amazing set of books to have if you are looking for activity books to keep your child busy in a productive way. We have been using them for a few months now, and I find them totally worth. Read below to know more in detail about these books.

Totally Awesome Search and Find

  • Recommend this for 3+ years
  • Has around 128 pages (including the answers in the last 9 sides)

As the name of the book says, the entire book is about “Search and Find”. The book has colourful images of various environments and situations like a city, a jungle, ocean, traffic in town, science lab, library, or creatures like dogs and cats, even objects like ice creams and much more.

Based on images on each pages, simple questions are set like for example: page has image of a jungle, and the question goes like “let’s go animal spotting in the jungle! Find”… 3 tree frogs, 3 caterpillars….and so on. The is suppose to search and find from the page based on the question.

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Totally Tricky Spot the Difference

  • Recommend this for 3.5+ years
  • Has around 121 pages (excluding the answer sides in the end of the book)

The reason I suggest this for 3.5+ years and not 3+ years is because, just like the book cover reads, spotting the difference between the images given does get tricky. Spotting some differences is easy and some gets the child to observe very keenly, becomes a challenge.

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Totally Amazing Mazes

  • Recommend this for 4+ years (3.5+ years if the child is really into doing mazes)
  • Has around 128 pages (including the answers in the last 7 sides)

If your child loves solving mazes, then this is a book that you should definitely go for. A book full of mazes, the mazes are challenging and tricky, the paths created some of them are through images, takes time for the child to figure it out. We have just started with the simpler ones in the book and I can see how confusing the mazes are at times. So this book is not easy to work on, but really good one for kids interested in mazes.

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And all of these 3 books have reference to the answers in the end pages. And MRP of the book is Rs.450 I suppose, you find them on offer on amazon.

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