A book that shares a very powerful message on diversity, using simple words and beautiful illustrations.

A book about school where diversity is celebrated.

I bought this book, when my son showed some readiness to go to school. Why did I buy this book?

  • To give him an overview on what he can expect in school / what happens in a school.
  • For him to know that he will be safe, that he is no different from others.
  • To let him know that school is a place where he can uncover and showcase his special talents, gives him more opportunity to explore and discover new learnings.
  • For him to know that this is his first step into the society as an independent, and the journey begins.
  • For him to know that he can make friends for life, he can meet kids from all backgrounds, learn from them – their language, their tradition and celebrate life.
  • For him to know that “He is welcome” with open hands no matter what.

There is so much that you can discuss and share with your child from this book. I’ve just mentioned a few reasons for why I chose this book.

The Illustration:

When you take a look at the illustrations, you will notice some wonderful details. For example: illustrations on the front page and end page show you a mix of families that include homosexual couples, heterosexual couples, interracial couples and single parents walking their kids to school (and off school at the end of the day).

The illustrations in the book also points out to kids wearing different clothes according to their religion and culture.

The child will also get to notice that skin tones and hair colour of every kid is different, gets to understand that everyone is unique in their own ways.

If I can say further, illustrations also show kids with disabilities.

As the child reads through the book, the child will understand that “no matter the differences, everyone has a place in this community” – school is a community and “ALL ARE WELCOME”.

As the book reads:

You have a place here.

You have a space here.

You are welcome here

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