A simple straight forward book with neat illustrations that assists the young children by introducing the importance of taking care of their body, personal hygiene, and safety. This book gives a clear vision that helps them understand their own body.

It is very important for every parent to talk about personal hygiene and personal safety to our kids at an early age, especially before they start schooling. When kids start to socialize, they definitely need to differentiate the right from the wrong – and this book is perfect to kick start with.

As an introduction, you can start reading this book and start talking about the child’s body, their private parts, their hygiene, and more.

Our experience: While we started reading this book, Chintu was very curious. By taking advantage of his curiosity, I started to explain to him a little more in detail on how he has to take care of himself and how he should behave towards others. Discussion started to get better – learning right from wrong, learning to respect their body, learning about safety, and so on. We do everything in simple language, without any complications and not too much off input, but just the right information and that stands above all.

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