A simple box was curated for bookish play and sent to us by @creative_little. To be honest, when I first opened the box least did I know that this box will be absolutely loved.

What the box had ?

  • A book
  • Playdough ( Yellow, green, brown)
  • Simple craft accessories for bookish play
  • Small cards explaining the activity for bookish play with an image on the other side

What we did ?

  • We first read the book, and the started the play.
  • I had to help Chintu with this activity, he was able to make the snake on his own, the rest he definitely was in need of some help from my end.
  • Chintu was so focused and was so happy to see the end result.
  • The book was simple and very easy to connect to his daily life.

Thank you for sending this across to us @creative_little @lifeofrealmoms

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