Cloth/Fabric Book Review

Cloth books are one perfect way to introduce the concept of reading/books to the babies.

With the right choice cloth books we as parents can be sure of the baby’s safety , while they get to happily explore it. At around 3 or 4 months baby’s tend to start reaching out to things, they start grasping things – and that’s a perfect time to introduce cloth books. 

When you have high contrast (black and white) contrast books – it can be used even before they start grasping. 

Our first cloth books

Since ours was a high contrast black & white (red) cloth book we started using it like visual stimulation cards. We used it during our bedtime reading sessions – yes you heard me right, we used it for reading on demand by the big brother.

About the Monochrome cloth book :

  1. it has 2 pages – 4 sides
  2. high contrast black-white-red book of basic shapes
  3. crinkle cloth book
  4. the shapes are layers using good quality felt.
  5. the black and red – cloth and felt materials are pre-washed
  6. Spot clean when required
  7. it also comes with an additional set which has a wooden ring, a squeaker which is stitched into a hexagon pouch and a paper mirror attached – can be bought separately

The book is from an Instagram Page named Creative PuppetZ – Do check their page for more cloth/fabric books.

How we used our Monochrome cloth book?

  • As visual stimulation cards : we live in the hills and the weather is cold during the season, especially in the evenings. So, this cloth book was perfect for us to use on bed. While M2 is awake we just prop it up next to him at a distance of 12 inches from his eyesight.
  • Bedtime reading sessions : The big brother enjoys taking over bedtime reading for his little brother. And the cloth book is treated as a wordless book. M1’s reading includes talking about the colours, the shapes and the excited M1 goes a step ahead a shares about examples of object of the shapes, the sides and so on. M2 responds with full giggles which is such happy note. The boys completely enjoy this bonding over time – for that very reason the book takes a special mention in our collection.

What I liked about this cloth book?

  1. I like how this cloth book can be used from the initial weeks itself and to the months up thereafter.
  2. the crinkle that offers auditory stimulation.

The crinkle Hindu God and Goddess cloth book

About the book:

  1. has crinkle pages
  2. comes with a wooden teething ring and a squeaker
  3. 4 pages – 8 sides including the front cover and end page
  4. has 7 images of Hindu God and Goddesses
  5. spot clean / gentle wipe when required

Our usage & What I like about this book?

It was easier for the grandparents to bond with books and their grandson. As like for us it was so good for my amma, she has such amazing stories to narrate to the boys. I like the idea of introducing culture at the early age – to the begins to learn about different cultures.

This book is also from the same brand Creative PuppetZ in collaboration with Batani

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