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Seasons and weather

“Seasons and Weather” is a very interactive book which contains an introduction to the four seasons, changing weather and seasonal changes.

Introduction to the four seasons include pictures and lift-the-flaps that beautifully show and explain about the four seasons. This also serves knowledge about the comparison between the seasons.

The upcoming pages bring in the picture of how every season looks in the natural world. Simple details are shown through pictures for the kids to understand what happens during that particular season and conveys great information about the same. Here are a few from the book :

  • Spring in the country
  • Summer at the beach
  • Autumn in the Park
  • Winter at the Lake

Details about Changing Weather and Seasonal Changes are on a page with the lift the flaps to show how a town that is sunny changes when it rains. There is another page that shows things that change with the each season. It is easy as pie for the child to relate to the real world occurring through this book.

Finally, another interactive page for the child to decide their clothing based on the weather. This book is an absolute delight for children, it gets the child involved as the child himself/herself compares and recalls everything he/she has observed in the real world. It also encourages the child to start noticing the changes (both season and weather) happening in day-to-day life around them. Simple and easy to learn details about every season are shown through pictures and lift-the-flaps.

Note: Perfect book for introduction to seasons.

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