Every time I buy a book for Chintu, I make sure that I read it first before I could read it out to him. Chintu is very specific when it comes to books, there are some books that grab his interest and one such book is this. He laughs and enjoys every time we read this book. When I first read it, I was surprised by all the facts/information that is shared in this book. We learn so much along with our kids right?

About the Book along with our experience:

The name of the book itself throws a hint that this book is all about “Poop” – Yes it is about the Poop of various animals, insects, birds, etc.,

The book is filled with fascinating facts about the poop of various animals. Chintu and I were amazed to know how Poop from different animals is being used in different ways. Least did I know that this boy will fall in love with “The Poop Book”.

Also the illustration of little kids on every page got him more attracted.
That “YUCK” feeling or saying towards any “POOP” is blurred away. Instead some fun filled knowledge about Poop is learnt.

If you haven’t tried this book yet, then just go for it without any second thought because this book is simply amazing.

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