Thirsty Crow – Classic

Just documenting the memory of reading “THE THIRSTY CROW”

No matter how trendy we get, some things remain the same and always has its place unchanged. I just bought this book to narrate the story to Chintu but he was so keen to know what happens to the crow. The very first time I read this book to Chintu he said “crow yaaaaayyyy”  in the end which means “crow won” in his language. When Chintu was around 2 years old this book used to be one of his favorites, and every time we sat to read books, he made sure that this book was there.

This paperback book has good quality pages, the images are so clear that it explains the story perfectly. My son cannot read yet but can narrate the story in his language with the help of the images. 

It’s not important to read every single page in books to the kids but it’s important to make it interesting for them.

How do you make reading interesting? To know how to read to your kids check this post here.

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