WHAT ARE GERMS? (Book review)

what are germs ? book review

This book is one answer to the possible questions your child will begin to ask you at some point of time on GERMS.

It breaks down everything into simple questions and answers, for both toddlers and preschoolers to understand. This makes it easier for the parent also. The book shares an overview of “What germs are? Where they are found? How do they spread?” – the first few basic questions are answered in the beginning of the book.

The book has some lovely illustrations which beautifully explains the context to the child. It makes it easier for the child to relate to daily life. Also, the flaps in the book get the child more involved.

We did a fun Bookish play, the illustrations of the germs are not to miss. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS OUR BOOKISH PLAY

The book also includes details on how the child has to maintain hygiene in order to stop the germs – like washing hands, not putting their hands into their mouth – these simple important things are also shared. It also covers the topic on “how medicines help?”.

There is this one page in the book which my son was amused to read and know, it is about how our body can naturally protect us from the germs (how our body fights germs?) the little details added in makes it more interesting for the child to read.

A book that is just perfect for introduction to germs, health and hygiene. Totally recommend this for kids of age 2.5+ years.

To buy this book CLICK HERE. Happy reading !!

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