Numbers is the foundation of Mathematics. Everytime we do activities related to numbers , some of you ask me about how to introduce numbers, how to go about? – So I thought let me just put it down here, most of you must be already doing it, incase you dint then this might help.

When it comes to numbers we start from 1-10 , once this is done, rest you can take lead from the earlier ones.

  • First the child must learn the names – for example “one”, “six” – just the names orally, not the symbols.
  • Second – Identifying the number, if your using sandpaper number cards – then the child will be learning the symbol (tracing the number), or flashcards.
  • Third – Number Sequencing -first orally, then along with few activities – like arranging the flashcards in order following number sequence.
  • Finally – Counting

When to start ? Start when your child shows signs of interest – that will be the perfect time. Rhymes might help : like “5 little monkeys jumping on my bed”, “once I caught a fish alive”…. as the child shows interest, you can take lead.

Key to remember : During the learning process try involve numbers in everything.

  • For example, involve numbers in your regular conversation- incorporate it into the daily tasks, play fun games, anywhere you find a number call out for it, recognize it , trace it if possible, for counting – you don’t really need specific toys- can be done with things that are already at home. (Spoons, Rajama, Socks…..just anything)

This key is not just with numbers , when in process of learning something new, try involve your learning whenever possible.

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