All ABOUT PRE-WRITING: Things you need to know

all about pre-writing


We don’t expect a newborn baby to walk the very next day. We know that the baby grows through various stages before he/she can run – the baby learns to hold his head upright first, then slowly turn over, then moves on their tummy, sit, stand, and finally walk- every stage is a preparation to the next. It doesn’t happen overnight, then “Why do we keep expecting the child to write before them being trained with the techniques they require to get there?”

You must have witnessed or heard of some older kids struggling to hold a pencil in the right way or correct way/ kids not comfortable with writing-most of this can be because the kids were not prepared properly. 

Some things to focus on :

  • Hand and Finger strength 
  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Upper body strength (developing shoulder muscles)
  • Bilateral integration 
  • Hand dominance

Some activities to support/develop pre-writing skills:

  • To develop upper body strength: Tearing newspaper into strips, sweeping using a broom, climbing activities, pushing & pulling bigger objects serves as a good exercise
  • As the child develops in these gross motor skills and develops strength, move on to the next.
  • Hand and Finger strength: One best activity to develop these little muscles is Play Dough, then scissor (cutting activities), threading & lacing, everyday activities like open lids of jars, paintings, activities using tongs/tweezers to pick small objects (to develop finger control), activities related to pincer grasp, large and small pegs, nuts and bolts – the list goes on, all of this helps in developing the little hand and finger muscles.

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