Babywearing : The Beginners Guide

If you are an absolute beginner like me, then this post might help you. I personally had no idea on how baby wearing is used, how it works, the types, I knew nothing. Though I have heard a lot about baby wearing I never was sure.

But I’ve always has this temptation to try. I did not get to baby wear M1, so this time as a second time mom I did not want to miss baby wearing M2. And here I am today as a baby wearing mom.

Disclosure : I am no expert in baby wearing. I am going to share about how my journey began and my experience in my initial days, which I thought might help other parents begin their journey in babywearing.

Babywearing by definition is a practice of wearing or carrying the baby with the help of a carrier. Baby wearing has been practiced for centuries.

When I decided on babywearing I first looked into the different types and the purpose of each. Then decided on what I will want to try considering a few factors which I shall be sharing later in this post.

Types of Babywearing

There are different types of baby wearing. Sharing the 5 main broadly classified list below.

  1. Soft wrap : Long piece of stretchy material that you get to tie around your body.
  2. Woven wrap : These are simple long piece of material that can be tied around you and the baby. Can be used for newborns to preschoolers. (not stretchy)
  3. Ring Sling : Length of woven material with rings attached into one end. The purpose of the rings is to adjust the sling, replaces the knot.
  4. Meh dai : consists of a panel and 4 ties, half buckles have a buckle at the waist and ties across the shoulders around the baby.
  5. Buckle carriers : the most popular type of carrier that is readily available. Generally suitable from newborn to preschooler.

Babywearing : Factors to consider while buying

I first had to decide on what type of carrier I wanted to buy considering the factors

  1. my budget
  2. how long am I planning to baby wear?
  3. how am I planning on using it ? when and where?
  4. Is the carrier ergonomic?
  5. Is the fabric breathable
  6. what are the carrying positions the carrier offers?
  7. How supportive is it for my baby?
  8. How comfortable is it for me and my baby?

What carrier we chose and Why?

I wanted a carrier that will be an one time investment for us, as I was planning on babywearing as long as we could, as long as baby and I were comfortable.

The one carrier that ticked off all my requirements was this, the “FULLY ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE CARRIER” by Soul. It was on budget, ergonomic, supported different carrying positions, could be used for newborn to a preschooler. And once I started using it, I couldn’t be happier. It was everything I imagined and more.

So if you are looking for one carrier that will take you through your entire baby wearing journey, then you can definitely consider “Aseema : Fully adjustable buckle carrier” by Soul.


Aseema – Fully adjustable buckle carrier by soul can be bought at a 10% discount on my storefront. Offer valid till 28th August, 2021. Use code : ATDDEAL at checkout : Click here to buy

Kiro : Cotton AseemA

The Features

As the name reads the baby carrier is fully adjustable – the size of the carrier can be customised based on baby size and baby weight. The customisation helps in giving the perfect fit to the growing baby and you. The carrier can be used from newborn to preschooler, so it is super adjustable.

Can be adjusted inch by inch, isn’t that amazing?

The baby carrier can be used for front carry and back carry. It is also nursing friendly. It also comes with a lumbar support (removable) this is to provide an extra support to your back. The carrier also comes with a pouch which I think is one cool feature, it is also detachable. Can be used on the front or on the waist belt. A very thoughtfully made feature – you can key your keys, your card, some cash, your phone – you don’t need to carry an extra wallet along, hands are totally free.

Also has a good padded foldable neck support which is another great option, especially for newborns. There is also some padding on the place where the baby places his leg (the thigh) adding to the comfort. There is also a hood which is also removable.

Soul AseemA also has the Perfect Fit Adjuster (PFA) : This feature helps with better customisation (Shortening or lengthening the shoulder strap) to give the best fit to the baby wearer and helps better with breastfeeding. Click here to check the feature. Dual adjusters for easy tightening and a perfect seat for baby.

Soul has two variations in material for the AseemA fully adjustable buckle carrier : Linen and cotton

The pricing for linen is Rs.7750 and for cotton Rs.5750.

We have “Kiro: Cotton AseemA”.

For beginners like me there is this perfect guidance through videos for almost everything you need to know about the carrier and the brand is also available for personal guidance on a video call: linked here. To help you get comfortable and wear the baby right. So that is something that was super helpful to me.

Sharing links to some of the videos’ that I referred to: How to wear and the different ways to wear the Soul AseemA

  1. Newborn Carry (Click here)
  2. How to front carry your baby (Click here)
  3. Different ways in which you can front carry your baby (including newborn) (Click here)
  4. How to nurse while wearing the carrier (Click here)
  5. How to Back carry your baby (Click here)
  6. Height adjustment (Click here)
  7. Waistband adjustment (Click here)
  8. Lumbar support (Click here)
  9. Neck support – 3 ways (Click here)
  10. How to fold (Click here)

Our Baby wearing experience :

We have been wearing M2 for the past month, and as a mom of two, it is such a saviour. It is very comfortable to use. There has been situations when both the boys needed me at the same time, the carrier has been my only rescue partner. I get to wear M2 (he either naps or is a part of our play) and read/play with M1.

Not to forget, babies just know it when mamma is about to have her cup of tea/ a plate of food. But how? Grandparents are here, but mamma it had to be mamma na. Most times I’ve been super hungry to starve for even a few mintues, so I quickly wear him and get going. Happy mamma , happy baby.

I also wear him, and go for a quick walk especially when the weather is good (which has been a rather thing in the past month), I’m still hoping for a better month ahead, so I can walk with my boys.

I did trying nursing him, successful to an extend – I felt that I was missing on something, hoping to figure that out soon.

To keep up to the cold weather here, the carrier has been super helpful in keeping M2 closer to me and warmers. More of a comfortable way I could say, I can carry him and still do my work, not stuck on the bed or couch.

From the past month I personally feeling baby wearing has been one of our best decisions. Hoping to share more in our baby wearing journey as we get to experience them through the months/years.

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