I’m here to share various sources from where you can access free learning resources for your kids. There are way too many out there, sharing a few that I have personally tried.

Hope you find this list helpful. I’ve included the link to the websites, also note that I am not affiliated to any of the websites.

  1. Life over C’s: has printable that also give your child some hands-on, some of their printable are games that make learning more fun.
  2. Fairy Poppins: Printable are well categorized subject and topic wise, making it easier for the user to access.
  3. Totschooling : has so many learning resources for toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarteners.
  4. 3 Dinosaurs: has materials for the basic topics and some are categorized based on grades.
  5. Itsy Bitsy Fun: Their printable categorized under various themes. So, if you are looking for mini unity studies, you might find some printable that will help you begin, also goes well with some DIY activities based on the theme.

These sites will help you start, and also most of these sites has resources for toddlers and preschoolers. Will share more in the upcoming days.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a place where you can find both free and paid resources compiled from various educators (websites).

Note: Incase you get to access any resources from the websites, please make sure to give credits when you use them on your social media.

Also, do check my store for free and paid resources.

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