Sometimes it is the worst nightmare ever when your kid starts throwing a tantrum at public places- screaming and throwing themselves down. The child is just not ready to listen to you- yes it can be about the kids mood. I believe it’s better to be prepared for the worst case.

There are simple ways that you can prepare your toddler and yourself for it, some of them are :

  1. Before taking the child out, talk to the child about the restaurant- why are you going there and what is expected? ( just a general talk)
  2. You need to be prepared, carry a few small things that can fit into the diaper bag or handbag- DIY busy bags /Water wow/books/small figurines.
  3. At the restaurant :
  • Talk about the restaurant to the child (two-way conversation) – for example: if at a Chinese restaurant, their interior may be related to China, so talk about everything you see.
  • Play with cutlery: let the child sort the spoons, fork, and knife. Talk about the placement of these cutlery & usage (if already done at home, let the child talk about it).
  • Play “I See” game: it’s like “I see a man with a brown hat” – and the child gets to look around, let the child also take his turn and you can look around.

Always remember, never keep the child idle for too long. Also, request the waiter to bring the child’s food quickly so the waiting time reduces. And ordering the child’s favorite food makes it even better, let the child choose. If the child is hungry then expect a tantrum – make sure the food arrives on time. Happy eating !! Do share your personal experience and ideas to handle kids at a restaurant.

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