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Potty training a child is almost like a challenge to most parents. And you know what, when at the phase, it feels like a huge milestone. It looks like a task that’s never going to be easy. We as parents go through a lot of questions that we ask for ourselves. Some parents become really stressed about it, might get a little tiring also – Just remember that it’s not just you.

I am no different from all the parents out there. While we were at the phase of potty training, I did make mistakes, I did learn from it.

If you haven’t read my previous post on potty training , here it is “ALL ABOUT POTTY TRAINING”– the post shares about “Things you need to know, before you start potty training for your child.”


I started potty training when Chintu was ready – he showed readiness when he was around 15 months old. The clues that I got from him are: saying no to diapers, asking for a change in diaper when peed/pooped, he was curious about what we (mom/dad) did in the toilet.

We started slowly : he was completely diaper free at home. He got to see me use the toilet, I even used the toilet with the door open – this let him know that its completely natural, and it wasn’t just him.

When everything was going fine, I made mistakes, and I’ll tell you want they are, for you may not do the same.


  • Every time we stepped out of the house (park, restaurant, mall….), I made sure that he wore a diaper. He wasn’t fully potty trained and I wasn’t sure if he could hold himself back – one of the biggest mistakes that I made is this. It confused him, he suddenly started to say that he wants to use the diaper – back to the beginning
  • The next mistake is the timing, yes, I chose to do it when he was ready, but we had travel plans in just few weeks later from the time we started. Travel while the potty training is on is totally something that you should never do. It messed up the whole thing, obviously he was back on diapers during the entire travel.

These are the two major mistakes that I made. When we got back home, potty training was a challenge. Chintu wasn’t ready.

I had to wait again for him to get comfortable, dint want to force him. I continued to let him see me using the toilet. After around 3 months, this boy was at it all by himself. Back to no diapers and in a week’s time, he was really good at it – he was potty trained completely during the day.

To my surprise, there was no accidents at all while he was being trained. I dint immediately train at the night, I don’t know why, but I let it be. Chintu knew that he gets to wear diapers during the night, and takes it off when he wakes up in the morning.

Does on purpose after being trained? WHY?

Everything was so perfect until that day came, he started to pee on his pants purposefully, for almost 3 days. I had no clue why and was trying to figure out things. Then decided to talk to him, but it really did not work. I had a feeling that, maybe he needs more attention from me.

I’ll tell you how I came to think of this: he used the potty at all times, expect the time he sees me on the phone without having to notice him. It was also the time when I just got into blogging, and the time I spend on my phone increased. The fault was mine and I figured my way out.

All this was just after his second birthday. And we also started to train him during the night– it was again very easy for us. No sleepless nights and I am thankful for that, Chintu has been very understanding, it was easier to talk to him about various things.

I just made sure that he does not take any liquid 1 hour before bedtime and we were sorted. My observation while he was on diapers during the night helped me. His diapers were mostly never wet in the mornings, and I observed to understand when the diapers are wet and not wet.

It all worked well.

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  1. hi mithu potty story seems like chinthu but we started at2years still now he using diapers at nap time.. so I need to know how to do it .pls help me

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