Reading to your toddler is one of the “BEST” thing that you can do for them.

Read to them a million times, sometimes the toddler might want you to read the same book over and over again to them. We may get bored but there is something that must have caught their interest in that book for the moment/a day/ even longer. Never say “NO” after reading a few times, read and read.

Yesterday it so happened that I had to read that one single page from the book “ The Ants and The Grasshopper “. What caught my son’s interest was the violin that the grasshopper was playing. He suddenly recalled that there is a violin at home and he wanted me to bring the violin to him and so did I. My little boy was all excited and made me read the same page for almost 30 mins and we enjoyed it together.

Reading definitely helps the toddler to relate to reality, I did notice this with my son as he relates books to reality to a great extent. There are some strong connections and so much learning.

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