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Things to consider while SETTING UP PLAY SPACE

Having a play space for a child does wonders to the child. It’s not just about the child’s play, there is more to it and to me play is very important. Importance of play space is very high, to us it is something that not just my boy but even we need at any cost.

Like I said earlier, having a play space for a child doesn’t mean that you will have to dedicate an entire room for the child, a small corner in a room itself is great to start. But there are a few aspects that you definitely need to consider. These are some pointers that I thought over before I decided on Chintu’s play space.


First thing that you need to consider is the safety of the child. This is very important, as the child will be spending more time in his/her play area. And for you to have no worries when the child is playing independently there for hours, you will be sure that the child is safe.

Some pointers that I considered before setting up our play area are:

  • Ventilation and natural light
  • Access to windows and doors: considered his reachability. Safety locks if necessary, and door stoppers.
  • Existing things in the room: is there any decor, furniture or anything at all that will not be safe for the child, just in case the child reaches out to it or tries accessing it.

Where will the play space be set?

You will have to be very clear on where you want to set the child’s play space. In which room will the play area be set: if you’re giving the child a separate room or not, just make sure that the room is closer to where you spend most time or have quick access to. If the play area is going to be a part of another room in your house like the living room, or bedroom – decide on how the room will be partitioned, which area of the room will be dedicated to play. This is important, because only when you decide this you will be able to decide on what other things to add in to create the child’s play area.

Decide on the furniture:

Decide on the furniture that will meet your needs. Things to consider:

  • Furniture : decide on what type of furniture your looking for.
  • Safety of the furniture : sharp edges, steadiness
  • Size of the furniture and your budget

To start with you will just need a simple open shelf, where child can have easy access to. Gradually you can add more furniture based on the child’s need considering other aspects in your house.

Also, when it comes to furniture, you can try looking into options to reuse furniture that is already available at home. For example: Old bookshelf, TV unit, shoe rack.

A play mat along with the shelf will be great. If not willing to invest in a playmat, you can just use any simple mat that is available at home.

Future post: More on things you need to setup a play space and how to set up?

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