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subscription boxes

Are subscription boxes worth it ?

Like every parent-child I was so excited to receive our first activity subscription box, but as months went by I dint feel the need of having these subscription boxes.

We have tried 2 monthly activity subscription boxes, after which I decided not to spend on it and I have my reasons. Read further to know why? Also doesn’t mean that they are not worth, it is totally dependent on your need.

  • On a 6 month subscription, only 2 or 3 boxes were satisfactory to me. 
  • Most of the activities that come in the box are of one time use, and I would say some boxes do come in with materials/toys that can be used on a long run which I like. And few other materials can be used for different other DIY activities for which the parent has to come up with an idea to play/use – something that we do. Reusing materials : makes me feel happier.
  • As a comparison to activities that come in the box 7/10 can be done at home (a general estimation). Can either be done exactly the same way or with small changes based on the materials available at home.
  • The price quoted for the subscription boxes are high for the products we receive, but when bought with a discount it is way better.
  • Also activity boxes that come in for the month are usually done within hours or in the next few days.
  • At one point, the boxes and the materials were only getting stacked up – I gave it a thought again, and waved goodbye to the monthly activity subscription boxes.

Again this is completely a personal choice, do your research before deciding as the requirement/need of every individual differs.

What was my alternative ?

I was able to plan activities with materials and toys available, covering various subjects and skills, hence we did not have the need for any other monthly activity box.

When can one go for monthly activity boxes (subscription) ? 

  • Need something coming in every month, that the child can look forward to – as each month there is a new theme the box comes with, which you feel gives a chance to introduce concepts, learn and play with your child.
  • Need of new materials or activities that can be delivered to you.
  • When you have the need of having planned activities with materials and instructions all ready for you. A more of a guidance for you to proceed with the child.
  • When you need an additional set of learning materials along with the your the child’s regular activities.

How to choose your activity subscription box ? 

  • Check if a trail box is available, else start with a 3 month subscription – if you like proceed further.
  • Get to completely know what activities and materials that you can expect in the box which will help you decide better.
  • Look for a discount, don’t invest too much. Most of the times you will find good discount for these boxes.

The two activity subscription boxes that we tried are:

Flintobox : the age group we tried is 2-3 years. What I like about flintobox is that they have clearly shared the themes for the entire year and the content in every box as a video on their website. Every box comes with 3 or 4 activities along with a box. Some boxes also come with simple a workbook/worksheet.

Firstcry Intellikit: age group we tried is 2-3 years. Comes with 8 activities, flashcards, a book and worksheets. I like the idea of flashcards that come with every box, helps with the child’s vocabulary and knowledge enrichment. Also, they have a trail box option with limited options compared to the actual box. Also, in addition to that, people who have subscribed for their intellikit also receive a set of activities (videos) and worksheet in their inbox every month (as long as the subscription is active). The learning calendar that comes with the box can be of good help when followed, as the entire month is planned out.

On a comparison between the two boxes I would go for Intellikit as I feel it is reasonable for the number of activities and materials that comes in the box. Quality of both the boxes are decent for the price. Flintobox is simple when compared to Intellikit.

I would also like to mention, that in both the subscription boxes there are a few activities which I really liked and we enjoyed doing together.

I would say each activity last for about 15-20 minutes on an average. And 95% of activities need parental guidance. Activity subscription boxes can be an addition to the activity list for the child like mention earlier.

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