What I missed as a first time mom ? – Doing it this time #2ndpregnancy

There are a few things that I wanted to do with the newborn and for myself this time. Somethings that I didn’t do with my first born and myself, or I did, but it was much later during the parenting journey that I felt didn’t make much of a difference.

List of things I want to do with my newborn

  1. Cloth Diapering : With my first born, we started cloth diapering very late, and that was when he showed readiness for potty training. The whole purpose of cloth diapering was not met. For first few months, we very rarely used the disposable diapers. I just went by the traditional way that my parents and grand-parents had been doing for years. You can imagine the number of clothing that was being washed every time. We could have easily used the disposable diapers, but we didn’t. I wasn’t comfortable going for it. Is it foolishness, I really don’t know. But, this time “CLOTH DIAPERING” is one of the first things on my list.
  2. Baby wearing : Honestly, I never felt the need of baby wearing with my firstborn. We were comfortable throughout. It has happened many a times that I get so tempted to buy one and I ended up not buying, because the need was marginal for us. My parents were around for almost a year, and I was just there for my baby all the time. When I needed help they were there, so yes we didn’t need it last time. BUT why now? because this time I have a preschooler and I will be having newborn, possibility of situations that can pop up where both of them might need me at the same time. This is one very basic reason and the other is that I want to be able to move around with both the kids comfortably. May be I will be able to discuss more on BABY WEARING when I start using it.
  3. Books and floor time : Wanting to start floor time for the baby as early as we could. At least when the baby is 2 or 3 weeks old. And also start reading as early as possible. Last time it was when my first born was almost 5 months old.

These are 3 major things that I want to do with Baby No.2 without fail. Will definitely discuss on our experience as we start our journey with Baby No.2.

List of things I want to do for myself

Every pointer in this list is going to be under one roof “SELF CARE”. Last time it was all about my first born, I made sure to give in my best to him always and in the process completing failing to even think about myself. The thought of self care hit me very late when my first born was almost 3 years. I started many a times, failing to continue what I started. But let me not share excuses for this instead taking a promise to myself to make an effort to take care of myself.

  • Healthy diet : I am someone who has an unhealthy eating habit and this is something I want to really want to follow this time.
  • Skin care : My skin is one thing that I completely ignored, least did I notice on how bad it was getting to be. I have started a simple routine, but hoping to do better now.
  • Exercise : I always start, get into a perfect routine for a few weeks and then suddenly stop without any reason. Is it because of my laziness, probably yes, but I want to win over this time.
  • Me time : Something that I look forward to almost everyday. I feel that I need to find the perfect time to fit in my routine to make my me time more effective.
  • To be in pictures with my kids : Honestly, I just have a countable number of pictures with my first born, including family pictures – the 3 of us. Fingers crossed, hoping to do better this time.
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