I did not realise the importance of having a sketchbook until we had one at home. Somehow, I never thought of having a sketchbook all this while. Today, I’m dropping in to share my thoughts on “Why sketchbook for kids?”

And now, it’s a great time to begin this habit of maintaining a sketchbook.

  • A sketchbook becomes a record of the child’s art work: drawing, painting, colouring anything the child does. It is easier for the parent or for the child himself to track his progress. The child can look back at his work and come up with new ideas from his old work also. The growth and skill development of the child can be seen visually. And I am sure that it will be a visual treat to your eyes every time you see.

Also, sketchbook need not be specifically only for drawing. Like we use it for many other purposes. Stating some of it: recording activities that we do, some simple coding. If you have the possibility to go on a nature walk then a sketchbook is a lovely companion. You can sit in a spot and quickly sketch; you can make note of things that you see.

In other words, it’s for drawing, for recording new ideas, for jotting down points on what you want to remember for future reference.

Also, I totally suggest even the parent to have a sketch book. You can join in along with your child, it will be great fun.

  • Less usage of loose paper: It’s sometimes hard to maintain all the artwork your child does on a loose paper. When most of the child’s work is in one place it becomes easier to maintain on the long run and the all the work is much safer. Possibilities of damage becomes less.
  • Sketchbook need not have only perfect work: Alright, to me every art work by the child is uniquely perfect. A sketchbook can be a place where the child is trying to bring in his new ideas. It becomes something that’s personal to the child, no space for judgement on the child’s work.
  • The portability it provides: Sketchbooks are available in different sizes, I’ll come to this point later. The child can easily carry it with him outside during walks, during travel. Easier for the child to handle.

A sketchbook defines the child’s personal style.

Three things you need to remember while choosing a sketch book:

  • The size of the book: Because too small or too big that the required usage of the child might just not interest the child to work on.
  • The binding: Choose the binding that suits your child, some kids prefer hard bound, especially the younger toddlers. And the spiral ones, soft bound works well with older kids.
  • The quality of the paper: As the child is free to explore with different medium of colours, the quality of the paper plays a key role.

A sketchbook helps the child grow his creativity.

A special thanks to LabelKaari for sending us personalised sketchbook and crayons. If they hadn’t sent, I’m not sure if I would have ever thought of using one sooner. Totally recommend their sketchbook and crayons. The quality is good and the personalisation adds more uniqueness. They also do have personalised labels, diaries, planners and more. Do visit their page.

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