Why is that I don’t mention age group for the activities or books or toys that we share on the blog. My answer in simple words is “You Decide the best.”

By saying that I totally mean, as a parent only you know the need of your child. Also keeping in mind some of the factors like the budget, spacing at home, your family environment. You will be able to decide the best, decide what works for the child, you and your family.

I personally feel sharing the age group under everything I share will create a little stress for the parents. Every child is different, their interest may vary, their way of learning may be different. There are different factors that play major role, and that’s not going to be same at every house.

So, when parents see a child of the same age group as theirs working on something their child isn’t, some parents get worried, some get concerned, some feel stressed. But Why? I’ve been receiving messages where parents kept saying my child still doesn’t do this, doesn’t do that, on and on, the list is huge. When asked for a reason, they said, “I see child ‘X’ do it but not my child.” Calm down, it’s something every one of us need to work on along with our kids patiently – sometimes its trial and error method to figure out what works for us.

Initially, its fine, activities for babies, a list will help you understand what to expect, things you can try, just to give you an idea. Again, observe, and decide what to do, don’t have to stick to the list.

A very important question “Why compare your child with another?”. Would you like to be compared with another adult; does it feel good?

Let the child decide when they want to do what. You will know when your child is in for it, there is no point in pushing them into what doesn’t interest them or what they are not ready for.

I just share the activities that I do with my son and I do it based on his interest. I just don’t do any random activity just to share it here, it’s about my son, totally his interest. Also, it doesn’t mean that the activity is for an age group – “No age group here, it’s all about the interest of the child”.

If your child is into number recognition at the moment, then you can definitely try different activities for number recognition. If interested in solar system go ahead and explore, let the child learn as much as he wants to – no restriction at all.

Just go by your child, trust your child.

Talking about books: Don’t go buy the age group mentioned in the books, go by the requirement of the child. If the child has more interest in books try invest in them, let him explore.

Loads of options for play, toys and books are out here. So many of us are sharing our play with kids. All of us are doing what works for each one of us. We are sharing with an intention that it might help another fellow parent. Don’t get yourself stressed or don’t compare your child with the other.

Let me stress on this again “It is not about the age of the child; it is about their interest, about their need, it is about the child”.

Key pointers :

  • No comparison does no good
  • Age is not that matters, its the child’s interest
  • You and the child get to decide.
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