Thirsty Crow is a classic story right, it never gets old. Indian kids grow up listening to this story, it is a part of our childhood. Listening to stories from grandparents and parents is something every kids loves, I have some fond memories, I’m sure all of us do. A beautiful way to bond. Don’t you agree?? 

Now, how good it is to see that story in the form of a board game

Before you I share about this game, if you haven’t checked my post on importance of board games for kids, I request you read that and then get back to this

Board games are family time I would say, and with this classic story it is sure to make the kids happy.

board game thirsty crow


What comes in the box?

  • a play board
  • 4 different colours of crow like figurines 
  • 4 different colours of small beads/pebbels (colours same as the crows)
  • a dice (has different shapes on each side)
  • a matka (pot)
  • some blue beads
  • instruction booklet

The board game “thirsty crow” doesn’t have too many instructions to follow, which makes it easier for the child to understand on how to play. Just a few to start with and the child should ready to start.

The kid, along with his family/friends get play the role of the thirsty crow. The target is to reach the matka with water(blue pebbles), on the way collecting more beads (pebbles).

The quality doesn’t require any mention, when it comes from shumee you can blindly trust.

What I personally like about the game?

  • Chintu had his hands on to work on his positional language – the shapes on the dice, is an indication to in which direction the crow can move.
  • He learnt to use the instruction booklet, he uses them while playing for him to understand in what direction he should move. – the images clear that he uses it as his reference.
  • It helped him in setting up small targets, one at a time before heading to the final one. Which I also feel is an important lesson in life.
  • Moving towards his target, following instructions at the same time, waiting for his turn, observing the opposite players move, a lot of thinking and problem solving : all of this happening naturally as he gets involved in the game.
  • Most importantly, even if it’s 2 or more players playing this game – all of them are in one team – and you why ? When there is this water droplet in the dice, the players looses a droplet from the pot, either one of the player has to reach to the pot before it gets out of all droplet or everyone looses. – learning to take responsibility.
  • And the box the game comes is used so well – one side of the box is for you to place the board and the other side perfectly made into different sections – one for each player and a place to roll the dice.
board game thirsty crow

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Play with your family and friends !! Laugh together, win together and make memories 

Age : 3.5+ years (it takes a little time for the younger ones to understand, my son takes help when needed, which is totally fine)

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