Just in time CuddlyCoo sent us this perfect play mat for our playroom.

While I was looking for a play mat and couldn’t find the perfect match there came like an angel “CuddlyCoo” to my rescue. The playmat was something that I was exactly looking out for. The mat is just perfect for use: 

  • the size (1m * 1m)
  • texture (quilted cotton)
  • the color (they have 4 options – blue, grey, yellow, cyan)

A pro is that the playmat is washable, and can be easily maintained. 

As you know Chintu takes the responsibility of his playroom (Montessori space), this mat is absolutely child friendly, it is easy for him to roll out when he wants to use, roll it back in when he is done (lightweight)

Also, this playmat can be used by both babies and toddlers. Perfect for tummy time, to sit and read, for the baby/toddler to relax, activities – multipurpose 

CuddlyCoo is a brand that gives us some unique products with excellent quality. A brand that is very promising – value for money. If you are looking for a playmat then you must definitely check this out.

Click on the link to buy this playmat :

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