How beautiful it is to have a toy that grows along with your child – giving age appropriate learning and challenges – priced decently and excellent quality. As parents we happen to think about a toy, at-least for a fraction of a second before investing in it. Trust me this toy is worth every penny, I’ll tell you why?

The child can use this toy according to their age- the age group mentioned in the toy box is 10-36 M+ but I think this toy can be used by a 6M+ old baby also – Why? Because every piece has different texture which gives a great sensory experience, something like the sensory balls

This is a very colourful open-ended toy : 

  • Acts like a sensory ball
  • Colour identification and recognition
  • Stacking – pop in pieces together, twist and stack 
  • Lacing 
  • Gives place for a child’s imagination

All the above with many more to add this toy can be played depending on the child’s age. Not to forget your child is sure to discover his own ways to use this toy. The moment I opened this toy box for Chintu his face brightened up, immediately had his hands on it and from that moment his connection with this toy is endless. I sometimes play with it too – Acts as my stress buster.

Thanks to @toycra for bringing some wonderful toys to us. The toy collection that they have is unique and one of our favorite stores.

This lalaboom toy is available as – 24,36,48 pieces – only available at @toycra.

To buy check this link : (36 pieces- the one that we have)

For other options check this link :*

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