PEPPLAY : 5 Products Review

Quickly about the brand before the review of the products. Pepplay is one brand that we recently came across and I must say, I absolutely loved some of their products. A few products were unique, and all the products are truly promising. Pepplay is a brand who is an authorized distributor of the brand Jar Melo in India and also have started with some of their very own products #madeinIndia.

Finger paints

I like how these finger paints feel, has a nice texture I would say. Also, it is easily washable. Sometimes when on the child’s skin or any surface, all you need is a tissue to wipe and it is gone. Otherwise, with just little water or a damp cloth is all that you need for cleaning. And 95% – 100% it does not leave behind any stain on clothes or other surfaces. If you are looking for finger paints, then this is worth trying. It is not taste safe, just a little on the mouth would not do any harm. yet I would recommend this for 18+ months.

Get your finger paints here

Velvet Colouring Cards

As the name says, the texture is velvet (the black areas). These Velvet Colouring cards come in different themes and ours is the Ocean. The idea of these cards is that, to encourage the child colour within the boundaries (the white area), when the child colours outside on the velvet area, the colour will not be seen. However, this works best with sketch pens and markers, when crayons or paint is used you might notice the visibility of the colours on the velvet area. Also colouring the smaller areas is easier when sketch pens/ markers with fine tip is used.

Every artwork of the child is a masterpiece I would say, and this product is something that you can use to encourage the child. Once done becomes a perfect décor for the child’s nursery or anywhere at home. Great gifting option, return gifts, for kid’s party where activities are planned and also for play dates.

You can find more details about these Velvet cards here

Silky Washable Crayons

The colours are so vibrant, and the texture again is so smooth. Also, a mention to the size of these crayons, perfect for the little hands and the thickness gives in very less possibility for breakage. The durability of these crayons is comparatively high.

Washable, it truly is. Draw on your skin, rub with your fingers or tissue and it’s gone leaving no traces. And, can be used like the water pens, draw and shade randomly, use a wet paint brush to paint. Can also rub using fingers to create yet another beautiful texture, something like the oil pastels. Serves the purpose so perfectly, highly recommend these washable crayons.

Get these cool crayons here

Liquid Chalk

More comfortable to use, to handle and to maintain. It is obvious that these liquid chalks are dust free, and leaves no scratches on the board, something that I have been very keen about. The chalks that we tried from the local market left behind small scratches on the board sometimes, which was something that I really was not happy with. These Liquid Chalks is just how I wanted it to be.

If rubbed immediately after use, a dry cloth should do. Otherwise you will need a damp cloth to rub. And, there is no worrying about breakage or wastage like the normal chalks. A good replacement for the regular chalks.

Find the liquid chalks here

Flash Stickers

One of my favourite product from Pepplay, these are Activity and Story telling cards. I’ve got a video that has the details, which will also show the usage clearly. A product that is definitely worth trying and you will not be disappointed.

Buy your Flash Stickers here

To visit Pepplay’s website for more products and details Click here

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