Playstix gives a totally new dimension to the so-called construction toy. Way different from the normal building blocks.

It is quite a challenge for a kid to figure out on how to use it. One cannot simply stack it up and even that stacking requires understanding on how the pieces balance.

And yes, as the name says, this construction toy is full of stick like pieces which has grooves on it, you got to build using them. More other pieces depending on what variant of Playstix you choose.

Playstix pieces are colour coded based on their length. We have “Playstix Master Set” which has Playstix pieces and some interesting other pieces like the engine, a revolving steering, rubber wheels/tires, aeroplane wings, propeller and many more.

What can you build using Playstix pieces?

Starting from a simple chair to an aeroplane, you can build many more. You have to just understand how the playstix works and start getting creative.

To start with the child can stack one piece on top of the other and gradually figure the unique feature of the toy “snap and lock”.


What’s is this feature?

Snap and lock is a feature that locks one or more pieces and holds them together. This feature doesn’t let your construction tumble down.

Only when snap and lock feature is used during construction, the end product can be moved around, otherwise it isn’t something that you can move around as the pieces don’t connect together. It is a super interesting construction toy to work on.

What I like about Playstix?

  • The kind a challenge the toy offers is something that has to be mentioned.
  • Very good for hand-eye coordination and I personally feel it not easy to built something we happen to imagine with these pieces – which gets the child to work on more, the technique of problem solving is greatly developed.
  • I also feel that the price of the toy is reasonable, for what is offers.
  • I like how different it is from any other building blocks, the whole technique of the toy is unique.

The quality of the toy is great, and sure to last long.

Playstix comes with a booklet which has instructions on some examples of how it can be used. This booklet is helps in understanding the usage, further more is totally the choice of the child. The base is not a part of the toy, it has to be purchased separately.

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Watch the video to understand the usage better

This video clearly shows and explains the usage of the toy

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