I feel so happy to say about the rainbow stacker and my opinion about the same.

When it comes to the Rainbow stacker, there are so many queries I’ve personally received. Some examples: what is the purpose? How to play with it? Is it really worth the money?

Let me tell you something – Invest in a rainbow stacker and you will be amazed to see how your child uses it, you will also come up with ideas to play with it. Rainbow stacker is an open-ended toy, it just grows with your child.

I’ll share a few ways to use the Rainbow Stacker:

  • Stack (understanding big, bigger, biggest and small, smaller, smallest)
  • Small world play 
  • Create Patterns / Replicate patterns (print a few patterns from the web and ask your child to replicate the patterns)
  • Build (this the child with deciding, for example: build a bridge – something that most kids do)
  • Maths (counting) and color sorting 
  • Marble Run

We have both 7-piece and a 12-piece rainbow stacker. Options to play with the 12 pieces are higher. 

Age group: Personally, I would suggest 2+ years, but don’t expect your child to immediately come up with building 3D structures or more creations, it takes time. So, until then you can help them in using it in different ways: for example – sorting, marble run, small world play. 

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