A beautiful wooden cutlery set – for plate, spoon and fork was sent to us a few weeks back. Since then Chintu has been using it – for all his meals. So thought now it will be the right to share my review on this.

About the wooden cutlery : 

  • Long lasting 
  • Good quality 
  • light weight
  • Child safe ( totally natural & non toxic, no sharp edges) 
  • perfect sizing – can be used to encourage self-feeding
  • affordable price 

The wooden plates come along with 3 spoons and a fork. The 3 spoons are of varying sizes – one of the spoons is in perfect size for babies, and the other two are for toddlers.

Note: It can be washed normally like any other cutlery, but it is advisable to dry it and not leave it wet

And the beautiful thing is that the plates are available in such cute designs – ours is an elephant plate . Do check their page and website for more details.

Check this link to view their wooden cutlery https://www.wufiy.com/collections/wooden-cutlery

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