Community Helpers: Learning Bundle




Community Helpers Learning Bundle is for both toddlers and preschoolers.

The bundle has “9 different topics/activities” to do with your kids. Total of 51 pages including instruction page. Sharing all the titles that the learning bundle has below:

  • Community Helpers : Short description
  • Community Helpers : Sorting
  • Community Helpers : Alphabets
  • Pizza and Construction Counting Activity
  • Community Helpers and their work place
  • Community Helpers : Who Am I ?
  • Community Helpers : Sequencing
  • Community Helpers : Board Game
  • Addition and Fine motor activity

Note : This learning bundle is only for personal use and not for your commercial purpose.

You will find links to download the learning bundle once your payment is received (order is completed), please don’t fail to download from the links immediately.

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