Sensory Play

Sensory bin is absolutely a fail proof activity, be it babies or toddler. There I no expiry date for a Read more
Activity that dint turn out to be messy - when I set this activity I had a second thought if Read more
We did a few simple things for Chintu’s learning on Aquatic Environment. I’ll just share it in brief. Ocean sensory Read more
I’ve always wanted to try sensory bottle activity with Chintu, infact wanted to try this sensory bottle play since a Read more
Things required : 10 good quality balloons of same colour 5 different grains (rice, ragi, chana, rajama, dal - The Read more
Make some spaghetti and put it in a large container and ask your child to pick some spaghetti using the Read more
This is one of our most favourite sensory play. The texture, the smell and the mess is fun to play Read more
Made bubbles using our bubble bath and put in some foam/bath letters, covered them with the bubbles. I called out Read more
A very simple set up, but has to be planned in advance- Why? Because you need to prepare the jelly, Read more
I've used some Ragi , a few selective letter ( some that Chintu already knows, some that he doesn’t), scoop Read more