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Keerthana here from @a_toddler_drama, a mom to a preschooler and a mom-to-be. Parenting has been a great experience with a lot of learning and unlearning. Learning to choose the right product has been one of my biggest take away. Here, I have carefully curated a list of products under each category based on my experience as a parent and making shopping a little easier for you. Please shop based on your requirement. Thank you for trusting my recommendations.

Stay healthy !

Age approriate toys that help in development of various skills and can also been used for different activities.

Toys that help the child work on different subjects and concepts through play.

Games that is majorly a bonding over time with the child. A big yes to these, over the past year being indoors these games have been a game changer for us.

We’ve got you covered from jablas to rompers, swaddles and blankets, the basic clothing needs for infants (0 to 12 months)

Planning on cloth diapering your child, then this will definitely help you start your journey.

Simple materials to safely support the development of the growing baby.

Art is something that is a part of my son’s daily life and these materials are some of what we totally love.

Activity kits that we have personally used and feel are worth Every Penny.

Open ended toys are real investments, you see the child grow with it – play and communicate, get creative and expressive.

From the number of puzzles out there in the market and wondering what to buy, this list should be of help.

Materials in this category are supportive materials for play.

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